International Conference “ZEOMEDCOS”

On September 27,2010 participants from Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Japan, Russia and the UK gathered at the International Academy of Science in Baku, Azerbaijan to share, discuss and debate the topic of the ” application of natural zeolites in medicine and cosmetology”.  A large part of the conference was dedicated to the work of  scientist,  professor, academician, doctor of medicine Karl Hecht on the year of his 85th birthday.

This conference  lasted three days ending on September 29, 2010 with participants presenting their research and findings under the sections: practical use of zeolite in medicine; utilization of zeolite in medicine; and utilization of zeolite in cosmetology (medical or decorative). 

Dr. Elchin Khalilov welcomes participants to the conference. Khalilov is the chairman of the Bureau of Presidium of Azerbaijan Section of  International Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Karl Hect is introduced and goes on to express his gratitude and hope for this conference. With many thanks to host Elchin Khalilov, this year’s conference was a start to creating a new era of achieving a high quality of life across various countries with the aid of natural mineral zeolite.  He sees natural zeolite important for the following reasons:

– There’s an increasing deficit of essential minerals in our food which can lead to the clinical syndrome, dysmineralosis.

– Large quantities of harmful substances in the environment- whether its in the air, water or food- which is gradually poisoning humans.

-Universal criticism of pharamaceutiful drugs that have shown only few effects and are  more than likely to bring about diseaases and may even be fatal.

Therefore, Hecht suggests that natural zeolite and its properties are extremely beneficial because:

-It detoxifies and disinfects the body,

-it promotes ion exchange, supplying the body with the right amount of essential minerals,

-it enhances health and in the case of existing disease, it restores health,

-it promotes youthfullness and beauty.

Dr. Hecht has taken natural zeolite daily and at 86 years old he has sufficient mental and physical strength.

Zeolite is rich in silica which, after oxygen, is the most common element on our planet. Silica is known to be the oldest remedy and cosmetic. Egyptian Queen Nefertiti was said to have maintained her beauty with clay which is rich in silica.

The world we live in today is plagued with stress and harmful substances  and it is necessary that we help in order to survive. Based on his experiences, Dr. Hecht believes that natural zeolite can help. In the last 20 years scientific research has found that the efficacy of zeolite as a basic therapeutic agent and a means of detoxification.

The presentations during the course of this conference are as follows:

Clinoptilolite-Zeolite and Montmorillonite Minerals Rich in SIO2: What Are They? What Can They Achieve? Why Are They So Important For Human Health? by Karl Hecht

Surveillance of Poliomyelitis Infection-Topical Problem of Modern Health by F.M. Mammadhli, T.Sh. Khalilova, F.E. Sadykhova, X.T. Kahramanova

Minerals and Microelements in Medicine by H.I. Ibadova

“Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies of “Litovit” Biologically Active Food Supplement (BAFS) ” by T.I. Novosyolova

The Adsorption of Y. Enterocolitica on Natural Zeolite by M.A. Radjabov, F.E. Sadykhova, M.S. Qasimov, R.A. Ahdmedov

Zeolites in Dermatology by S.D. Admedova

The Researching Results of Adsorption Opportunities of Natural Zeolites for the Bacillus Anthracis by S.M. Ibragimova

Mechanism Fixing Vitamine E  on Clinoptilolite Tuff by S.U. Vasileva, E.V. Borodina, D.L. Kotova, V.F. Selemenev

Research of Nakhchivan Zeolite and Perspectives of its Employment by R.V. Amirov, S.G. Kakhramanov

Zeolite- Clinoptilolite- “Azeomed” by G.F. Sharifzadeh

To the Question of Epidemiology and Treament of Papavavirus Infection in Azerbaijan by S.A.Eyvazova, T.Sh. Khalilova

Experience of Treatment with Azeomed in patients on Oncological Pathology by  E. Subbotina

Zeolite is a Bioactive Mineral by K.T. Kahramanova

Results of Psycho-Physiological and Neurophysiological Studies in the Efficiency of Mineral Composition “Azeomed” by A.R. Allahverdiyev

The Relevance of Azeomed in Medicine by S.A. Muradhanova

Adsorptive Properties of Natural Zeolites Concerning Cell Population Infected by Cytomegalovirus by Sh. T. Shikhaliyeva, T.Sh. Khalilova, F.E. Sadikhova

Use of the Drug “Azeomed” in Complex Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis by F.F. Agayev, A.U. Musaev, A.V. Alhasova, I.A. Mamedov, R. Aliyev

The Wound Healing Medical-Cosmetology Mean at the Basis of Natural Zeolite and Licorice by E.N. Khalilov, M.N. Veliyeva, T.Sh. Khalilova, P.M. Veliyev

In following posts I will summarize each presentation and include some pictures. 

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